Plant Based Vegan Protein

We believe plant-based protein needs to be incorporated into our everyday, healthy functional foods. We provide healthy, vegan protein supplements that are made with naturally clean and vegan ingredients that are also tasty.

Like the sun rises to give you a new day with new opportunities to conquer your goals, Sunrise Hemp Protein Powder gives you clean, functional nutrition that gives you a fresh start to living a healthy life!

Clean Nutrition

Our mission is to make functional foods that are fun, easy, and delicious. We want health enthusiasts to fall in love with our hemp extract powder, which is packed with plant-based vegan protein. We make it easy to incorporate hemp extract benefits into your everyday diet.

Best Vegan Protein

You’ll love the rich taste of Sunrise Plant-Based Protein Powder and the creamy blend of our 4 plant-based protein sources. Our vegan protein powder contains pea, hemp extract, pumpkin seed protein and watermelon seed protein. Simply mix our powder with water, nut milk, or get creative and blend with added nutrients like oats, seeds, fruit, or nut butter. Sunrise Supplements Plant Based Superfoods are filled with clean ingredients, providing you with the clean nutrition you need in order to live life to your fullest. Learn what it’s like to have a daily routine you can finally look forward to with the best plant based protein available.

Enjoy a FREE download of our clean nutrition recipe eBook, where we’ve included some of our favorite vegan recipes using Sunrise plant-based protein powder! If you try any of the recipes, feel free to snap a picture for social media and tag us!

Healthy. Whole. Real Vegan Protein.

Sunrise Supplements Protein Powder is a plant-based protein powder containing water soluble hemp extract as an added ingredient. Our vegan products are created to fulfill your needs of nutrient-rich, whole real-food. We strive to bring the highest vegan protein sources available to help our customers feel their best and live a healthy and abundant life!

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