We are a plant-based nutrition company with vegan products containing water soluble hemp extract as an added ingredient. Our vegan protein products are created to fulfill your need and wants in nutrient-rich, whole real-food. To produce the best protein powder available, we’ve used a combination of hemp extract, pea protein, watermelon seed protein and pumpkin seed protein. We strive to bring the highest quality plant based supplements to market that help our customers feel their best, so you can live a healthy and abundant life.

Yes! All of our plant-based protein supplements are free of any dairy or animal products.

Hemp extract is an oil derived from the stalks, seeds, and/or flower of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp extract contains raw, quality nutrients to help support your body.

We tested multiple blends of natural and clean ingredients to get the perfect results of great flavor and texture! Our plant-based protein powder is strategically blended using four different plant-based protein sources (hemp extract, pea protein, watermelon seed protein and pumpkin seed protein) to not only give you the best flavor and texture, but also optimal nutritional value.

Our protein blend is made up of pea protein, hemp protein, watermelon seed protein, and pumpkin seed protein.

Hemp Protein contains a high protein content, is easily digestible and absorbed, high in fiber and makes essential fatty acids very soluble.

Each source of protein has their own unique benefits:

Pea Protein: contains all nine essential amino acids, rich in iron

Watermelon Seed Protein: loaded with protein, zinc, copper, manganese, and B vitamins

Pumpkin Seed Protein: high in antioxidants, healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, potassium, vitamin B2, and folate

Our Plant-Based Protein Powder is versatile and can be used in protein bowls, vegan protein shakes, baked goods, and more! The basic recipe for a vegan shake is 1 scoop of your flavor of choice, and 8-10oz of liquid (we recommend your favorite plant-based milk!).

Yes! Our corporate office is located in Evergreen, Colorado and all of our manufacturing facilities are proudly located in the USA.