Hemp & Extreme Winter Sports: A Perfect Pair

As we quickly approach the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, it seems that the popularity of hemp and CBD products is only gaining more and more steam in fields such as extreme winter sports. Here at Sunrise Supplements, we’re proud to provide healthy hemp-based wellness options to give you a natural boost. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, or just looking to add a delicious protein supplement to your daily routine — our products are a great choice when it comes to consistency and flavor. In our previous blog, we talked about some tips for athletes who want to maintain a heart-healthy diet. Keep reading as we detail the symbiotic relationship of hemp and extreme winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Hemp & Skiing

With any extreme sport, there are many factors that come into play when attempting to achieve the proper balance before and after getting out into the wilderness. Skiing is no different. Having the right gear is crucial, but it’s also important to make sure you’re prepared internally before you head out onto the mountain to shred. With hemp-based wellness at your side, you’re already ahead of the game.

Even pro skiers like Johnny Collinson (known for his Big Mountain Skiing style) are becoming vocal proponents of hemp and CBD products. After several years away from the sport rehabbing from two different ACL surgeries as well as a bone graft on his knee, Collinson has turned to CBD for assistance and his pro skier sister, Angel, has also followed suit.

Hemp & Snowboarding

Fortifying your intake is also extremely important for snowboarding enthusiasts of all levels; you certainly don’t need to be a professional to understand and reap the benefits that hemp and CBD products offer. Needless to say, snowboarding is a highly-skilled sport that demands concentration and physical toughness. Being ready for those mountain jumps or half-pipe tricks means not only having your board and boots in check, but also having the proper energy and hydration intake — before, during, and after your runs.

Our Sunrise Supplements Hemp-Based Protein Products

At Sunrise Supplements, our team’s mission is to give you new opportunities to conquer your goals, on and off the mountain. We offer plant-based vegan protein that’s healthy, whole and real – designed with you in mind. With our 4 plant-based protein sources (pea, hemp, pumpkin seed & watermelon seed), you’ll love the rich taste of our powder when mixed with water or nut milk, and also added nutrients such as oats, seeds, fruit or nut butter. 

All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA; they’re manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, assuring you quality standards and quality contents. Our tasty Vanilla Chai Protein Powder and Chocolate Protein Powder are sure to be excellent additions to your mountain tool kit. Our water-soluble, clean ingredients bring you natural nutrition no matter where your adventure takes you. 

Keep following our blog page for the latest in hemp news and updates about our products. And, if you’re looking for some help to make your hemp-based supplement experience even better – check out our FREE  eBook containing delicious vegan recipes for Protein Shakes, Smoothie Bowls, and functional foods! 

We Hope Everyone is Staying Safe & Healthy During This Holiday Season!