Plant-Based Living

There are a lot of food trends from year to year, but one thing that stays the same is the general principles of health. We all know and can agree that vegetables are the healthiest source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for any type of diet. Some even sustain a very healthy life by eating solely from vegetables and plants.

Trends aren’t always based on new actions, sometimes it’s simply the same actions with a new name. Some who would have called themselves vegetarians or vegans have transitioned into using the phrase “plant-based” to describe their lifestyle in this year’s latest food trend. For some, it’s just the change in the name, but for new adapters to this way of eating it means the largest source of your day to day meals comes from plant-based foods, but it is not limited to just plant-based or vegan foods. It can mean anything from strictly eating only plants and vegetables to allowing animal products from time to time or anything in between. Also, one can be gluten-free, dairy-free or remove any allergen or inflammatory food needed to still be in this category.

To sum up, it’s a broad definition to call oneself a “plant-based” eater, but mostly defines an eating lifestyle that focuses on real and whole healthy foods mainly from plant sources: vegetables, legumes, nuts, and grains.

The main question asked is: where does a plant-based eater get enough protein? There are tons of healthy plants that provide protein.

Here’s a list of some that give more than 5 grams of protein per ounce:

  • soybeans
  • oats
  • flax seeds
  • pistachios
  • almonds
  • peanut butter
  • pumpkin seeds
  • lentil flour

Sunrise Supplements offers a power-packed plant-based protein option in our amazing vegan protein powder! Our plant based superfood powder contains 20 whopping grams of protein using four different sources of plant-based protein.

Sunrise Protein Powder uses a blend of pea protein, hemp extract, watermelon seed protein and pumpkin seed protein. Our powder contains 50mg of water-soluble Hemp Extract in both flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla Chai. When blended with your choice of milk, you add even more protein to your cup! It’s 100% plant-based and gluten-free!

Here are some more exciting facts: Pea protein is a great source of iron. It can aid muscle growth, weight loss, and heart health. Hemp protein is packed with antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. Watermelon seed protein is rich in amino acids and vitamin B complex. And Pumpkin seed protein is extremely rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. So the blend of these four proteins not only provides a creamy and smooth texture but also provides a wide array of health benefits to the consumer.

So if you are a long time plant-based eater, curious about trying it out, or even if you aren’t fully plant-based but are wanting to get in more nutrients into your diet, Sunrise vegan protein powder can help!