Reducing Stress the Natural Way

Throughout our daily existence, it’s safe to say that people in many different walks of life undoubtedly experience various levels of stress on a regular basis. Stress that can manifest itself in a number of negative ways, with causes that are seemingly endless. Depending on the individual and your specific circumstances, the onset of the effects of a stressful lifestyle or specific event can be quite debilitating.

As if everyday stress isn’t enough, the planetary whirlwind of uncertainty of the past few months of 2020 has certainly kicked things up a notch. So, how do we navigate this obstacle course of stress & anxiety? The natural way! At Sunrise Supplements, we believe that the natural way is the best way. Follow along as we outline a few easy, healthy tips to give yourself an edge over everyday stress.

Classic Symptoms of Stress

As we mentioned above, stress can manifest itself in many different ways depending on the individual. There are, however, some clear signals that medical professionals have designated as emblematic of a stress disorder, including:

  • Headache
  • Chest Pain
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Sadness or Depression
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Drug & Alcohol Misuse


How do we prevent/treat these issues, the natural way? Keep reading as we discuss some simple potential solutions.

Reducing Stress the Natural Way: Exercise

No matter where your stress originates, whether it’s work, family, or health related (to name just a few common stressors) – it seems like it’s always impossible to find the time to give our bodies nourishment in the form of effective physical exercise. And, while getting motivated may also seem impossible, it can mean a lot for your stress factor. Get Active – Your body/mind will thank you!

Reducing Stress by Limiting Your Caffeine Intake

Many of us have been conditioned from childhood of caffeine’s place in the household. From assorted teas, coffees, espressos, and now energy drinks, there is no shortage of tasty beverages intended to make our waking life more productive. This, however, has its own drawbacks, one of which being increased stress. Try implementing the above-mentioned tip (exercise) into your regimen instead of caffeine, and we think you’ll find your balance much faster, with less stress!

Using Music & Dance to Fight Off Stress

Mark this one down under the “Exercise” column. No matter what kind of musical tastes you have, we all know that one song/album/musical genre that just makes you feel good whenever you hear it. Experts at Stanford University agree, with research pointing to the positive effects increased blood flow to the brain has on cognitive functions. While live shows are still on shaky ground, with so many music platforms out there, finding your groove in the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Dance your stress away!

Sunrise Supplements: Our Natural Hemp Protein Products

When your battle against stress gets serious, why not give yourself a natural advantage in addition to the above-mentioned tips? Be sure to try our Chocolate Plant Based Protein Powder (with Hemp Extract) in your daily routine, and you’ll be giving your body and mind a head start in the race for stress removal.

Always consult a physician before making any changes to your fitness regimen.

For more tips & tricks on improving your nutritional life, keep following the Sunrise Supplements Blog!